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Our skin and hair essentials aim at bringing a skincare experience that is sacred, just like the wonder herb ‘Basil’. Found in most Indian households, the herb is known to strengthen mind and body along with a million untold secret benefits. We hope our products do the same.

Our simple recipes formulated with hand-picked ingredients used in the right proportion, bring the magic of body cleansing, hydrating and aromatherapy together to give you a healthy, glowing skin with a rejuvenated mind.

Our innovations are completely handmade, plant-based, non-synthetic and mineral oil-free which gives you clean beauty through natural skin and hair essentials. The ethically sourced rare ingredients are all-natural, chemical-free and sourced from local vendors to help promote local businesses without any compromises on quality.

To ensure freshness, purity and optimum quality, our skin essentials are handmade in small batches. We strongly believe in the strength and healing ability of mother nature and encourage you to feed your skin and hair with purely natural ingredients.

Give your body the pampering it deserves with our range of essentials ranging from hair to nail cuticles. We have it all covered!

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and WHO GMP & GMP approved.

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